Engage, Retain, and Reward your merchants!

Tuzo is a value added SaaS Rewards platform built for Processors and ISO’s to provide a full service and customizable Rewards platform to their merchants.

An App That's Never Been Seen Before

Fully Customizable Rewards Value

Tuzo enables its processing partners to set the value at which points are earned. You can offer base rewards for merchants and increased rewards for long term contracts

Value Added Processor Agnostic rewards platform

Tuzo is a processor agnostic platform that can connect to any backend via API to enable rewards to be earned without changing the way you do business

Lead generation capabilities

Tuzo creates opportunities for its processing partners to generate leads through raffles and giveaways. By enabling our partners to engage their merchants directly with a fun, beneficial offering, leads come in naturally and with a huge endorsement from your merchants

Customer retention and loyalty

By offering more than just processing you can now help your merchants access benefits and experiences they would not have otherwise received. Nothing says loyalty and retention like a trip a merchant always wanted to take or a rolex they always wanted to get

Grow Your Business with Tuzo

The Tuzo team believes strongly in driving customer success, retention, and growth through value added tools for merchants. 

In an overly saturated processing market, providing new and unique forms of value to your merchant that help to further solidify a stronger relationship long term is key to industry success. 

The Tuzo platform assists Processors and ISO’s to engage and retain their customers for longer terms and agreement lengths. The robust Tuzo Rewards platform allows Processors/ISO’s to reward their customers for their processing business and loyalty. 

By engaging merchants regularly and providing them with a stronger sense of relationship through their earnings, merchants go from being customers to partners in everyone’s mutual success.

Reach Out to Us

Whether it's for technical or partnership requests, general inquiries, or just to say hello, feel free to contact us via this form, our email, or call 929-FOR-TUZO (367-8896).

To use rewards through Tuzo, visit tuzo.app/rewards and log in using your Tuzo username and password. Participating merchants and offers are subject to change without notice.

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